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Sports Bars: Where To Get Your Game On

Falcons, Pats, wings, beers, huge flatscreens, and your crew. Perfect Sunday wish list, but where are you going to find all of that? Kelly’s TV is too small, Mike’s couch is too filled with Mike, and the options only get worse from there. That’s why you need to head to one of our top trending sports bars for the big game. Multiple TVs, a killer sound system, and all the wings you can eat? If you throw in an order of nachos, we’d take the under on seeing us there before kickoff.

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NightOwlSports Bars: Where To Get Your Game On

A Nightcap with Matty Wood of Woodwork Brooklyn

NightOwl recently met with Matty Wood, Co-owner and head bartender at Woodwork Brooklyn, a soccer / sports bar and gastropub for fútbol fanatics.

Voted as “Best Soccer Bar” by New York Magazine, Woodwork, also known as “The Sexy Soccer Bar”, showcasing men’s and women’s soccer games, seamlessly marries the footie atmosphere with a cool, hip, barnyard aesthetic.

The bar features a menu filled with grass-fed meats and locally farmed produce and three 50-inch HDTVs constantly tuned to soccer. There’s an enormous oak bar made of floorboards salvaged from a Massachusetts dairy farm, where you can get cocktails made with fresh juices, a selection of wines from such premier soccer-playing nations as France, Italy, and Argentina, starting at $5 per glass.

For those who love soccer but are tired of the same old dingy dive bars, look no further then Woodwork for your next match. And for those early-morning European starting times, what could be better than matching your game with some waffles and Nutella?

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Matty Wood of Woodwork Brooklyn

NightOwl: Our Top Trending Sports Bars

Large TV screens and great sound.  white-check-2

Cool sports memorabilia. white-check-2

Sports savvy staff and bartender who knows how to use the remote. white-check-2

Great bar food. white-check-2

Want more excitement than watching a game at home? Don your favorite jersey and pull up a stool at your favorite sports bar. Feel excitement fill the room as you share the World Series, NBA Championship, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, or even fantasy football experience. It’s the perfect trifecta: sports, drinks and the unfettered passion of a raucous crowd. Game on!

Check out the top trending Sports Bars in your city:



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Terry DagrosaNightOwl: Our Top Trending Sports Bars