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A Nightcap with Pips & Bounce

“Pinger/Ponger” nights, black-light pong and majorly creative cocktails: That’s what you’ll find at the home of this week’s NightOwl Nightcap interviewees: brothers Michael and Eugene Jung, proprietors of Pips & Bounce in Portland, OR.

NightOwl: What’s your background, and how did Pips & Bounce get its start?

Michael & Eugene: We grew up in Ashland, KY, which didn’t have much going on, as you can imagine. The biggest form of entertainment was in our basement, playing ping pong with our family and beating up on each other. I’d beat my brother, he’d beat up on my dad – it was a never-ending circle. It was 2012 and we met up at SPIN in NYC. Where else would two brothers who love ping pong go? Michael said to me, “Why don’t we have this in Portland?” Many hours were spent on FaceTime, and we were off. What we enjoyed as kids, we still enjoy as adults.

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NightOwlA Nightcap with Pips & Bounce