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For Those Who Always Know Where to Go

You’re the one your friends frantically text when in need of a new place to grab a drink. Do yourself (and them) a favor: download the new NightOwl app. NightOwl is the easiest way to keep and share lists of your favorite places with your always-in-need friends.

Your list, your theme. Whatever matters to you and crew – “Tinder Date Venues”, “Boozy Brunches”, “Places to Bring Your Parents”, “Cleanest Bathrooms.” Go nuts.

And use tags to give a quick sense of the vibe, share the best drinks, or other vital tips.

So save yourself from those all-caps “HELP” texts from friends. Next time, your response can be a simple one: “There’s an app for that.”    #DiscoverNightOwl

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NightOwlFor Those Who Always Know Where to Go

Same Friends. New Stomping Grounds. Endless Possibilities

Finally, after all the cancellations and endless planning, your phone rings. Your college friends are in town and they want burgers and beer – now. You grab your phone and start searching… and searching. Too many opinions; what to trust. Buzz kill.

NightOwl 3.0 will help you find the best bars in seconds.

Download the app and let the “Nightlife Genome Project”™ do the work for you. Based on your tastes, the crowd you’re looking for, or whatever matters right now, NightOwl makes it easy for you to find the perfect spot every time. Consider NightOwl your new wingman.

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NightOwlSame Friends. New Stomping Grounds. Endless Possibilities

Live at Five!

There you are, at the end of a workday, willing the clock to flip to five. The sweet nectar of a cold brew agonizingly close. And just like that, your friends start texting – let’s meet for drinks! Five friends. Five o’clock. Where to go?

It’s all good. You’ve got NightOwl, your drinking guide in your city, tailored to your specific tastes. Search for a quick list of Happy Hour bars in your neighborhood or easily keep your own list of favorite places. You can also check out our exclusive Nightlife Influencer Lists to get recommendations from the experts for hotel lounges with outdoor spaces, top whiskey bars, the best beer gardens, or any drinking-related quest you find yourself in.

NightOwl will be your go-to app every time you go out, be it with parents, a sexy date, or fellow white-collar warriors. Download the app and go forth and conquer!    #DiscoverNightOwl

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NightOwlLive at Five!