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Same Friends. New Stomping Grounds. Endless Possibilities

Finally, after all the cancellations and endless planning, your phone rings. Your college friends are in town and they want burgers and beer – now. You grab your phone and start searching… and searching. Too many opinions; what to trust. Buzz kill.

NightOwl 3.0 will help you find the best bars in seconds.

Download the app and let the “Nightlife Genome Project”™ do the work for you. Based on your tastes, the crowd you’re looking for, or whatever matters right now, NightOwl makes it easy for you to find the perfect spot every time. Consider NightOwl your new wingman.

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NightOwlSame Friends. New Stomping Grounds. Endless Possibilities

Find Your Perfect Night Out (In 30 Seconds or Less)

You live in a city with limitless possibilities and places to discover. Today, behold, ye explorer of the urban jungle! With the launch of the all-new NightOwl 3.0 app, finding exciting, unexpected places to go out is easier than ever.

NightOwl helps you find the right spot in seconds, based on your tastes, crowd type, ambience or what’s best tonight. No tedious reading through reviews from people you’ve never met before and don’t trust. See photos and nightlife-specific tags to get a quick sense of the vibe, crowd, best drinks, music – whatever’s worth knowing before going. Or use filters that actually matter: “Open late”, “Outdoor space”, “Dartboards”, “Upscale”, “Dog Friendly”- whatever the moment calls for.


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NightOwlFind Your Perfect Night Out (In 30 Seconds or Less)