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A NightCap with Faulkner

For this week’s NightCap, we caught up with Faulkner. The bi-coastal rockers (formed in Venice, CA) hit the ground running on their journey to success. Landing an unfinished demo of their song “NY Anthem” in the hands of RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan mastermind, Faulkner captured the hip-hop legend’s interest, leading to their first major collaboration. As a result, the track can be heard at New York Yankees home games. But New York isn’t the only place giving them love. Emphasizing the term “bi-coastal,” the rockers have also been featured on iconic L.A. radio station KROQ with their single “Revolutionary” as well over two million plays on YouTube.

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Terry DagrosaA NightCap with Faulkner

Get Your Drink on With Heather Greene

“Ride your bike, hike in the woods, finish your day with an amazing cocktail at any of the bars below. They’ll also pour you an excellent whiskey, neat, should you just want to go simple” – Heather Greene.

Bit House Saloon: 727 SE Grand Ave (SE Morrison St), Portland, OR

The bit house saloon

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Terry DagrosaGet Your Drink on With Heather Greene