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Be Nice or Leave

For this week’s nightcap interview we pulled up a barstool to share a nightcap with Brandon Pool, the GM and head bartender at The Innertown Pub in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. ITP’s history dates back to Prohibition, and it came into its own during the late 1980s – early ‘90s, becoming a home for the local bohemian artist community. Walking into the ITP, you’ll be welcomed by the dimly lit, eclectic space with Elvis-heavy artwork and knick knacks that you’d find in your crazy uncle’s basement, not to mention free pool!

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NightOwlBe Nice or Leave

When Only 25 Beers on Tap Simply Will Not Do

You’re in Chicago and you need a beer. Happens to us all the time. Well today is your lucky day, because Chicago just happens to be one of the world’s great beer drinking towns, and you’re further in luck, because we know one of the world’s best beer drinking bars and it’s right there in Chicago! That’s right, it’s the Map Room. This week we’re hanging out with Laura and Jay from Map Room which opened back in ‘92 with a travelers’ theme, before they met brewer Greg Browne and members of the Chicago Beer Society. Through this relationship, Map Room has become one of the premiere stops for beer aficionados in Chicago. So grab a pint of your favorite suds while we sit down with Laura and Jay.

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NightOwlWhen Only 25 Beers on Tap Simply Will Not Do