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A Nightcap with John Romard of The Boston Attitude

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Each week, the NightOwl Nightcap will celebrate the movers and shakers in the nightlife space with exclusive one-on-one conversations, and we’re excited to launch this series with nightlife veteran John Romard, who’s slung his share of drinks at some of Boston’s most celebrated watering holes. He now runs The Boston Attitude, a website and blog highlighting the best of Boston’s nightlife, lifestyle and events.


NightOwl: Tell us a little about your history in the Boston nightlife scene.

John: I started off like a lot of people, bartending and working the door at multiple places around town, mostly in Kenmore Square. Early on in my career I was waiting tables for a family whose son was opening a bar, and got involved with them to open my first restaurant. Next, I moved on to run the alcohol program for Boston University, along with their events and bar. After that, I managed a few now-defunct spots like The Avalon and Tavern on the Water in Charlestown, where I got the inspiration to start The Boston Attitude.

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NightOwlA Nightcap with John Romard of The Boston Attitude