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A Nightcap with Sasha and Taras of Standard Spirit Distillery

Sasha Selimotic and Taras Hrabowsky were childhood friends and are now partners at Standard Wormwood Distillery, a craft distillery bringing grain to glass, and small batch spirits that make great gifts for the cocktail lovers in your life.

What’s really unique is they’re making absinthe. Yes, you heard right, Absinthe! Not the favored licorice flavor of francophile fame – these sassy Brooklynites are taking absinthe in a different direction. Their Absinthe still incorporates the key ingredient – wormwood – but instead of using traditional European-style herbs like anise and fennel (which give most absinthes their characteristic licorice flavor), Standard uses rye and corn mash to deliver a whiskey-like style and color, with oak aging for a little sweetness. It’s designed to be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail — no sugar and spoon required.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Sasha and Taras of Standard Spirit Distillery


Ever wonder why the mere presence of absinthe in your glass needs to be regulated by the FDA? We’re fascinated by absinthe, and with good reason: The anise-flavored spirit is steeped in controversy. Banned for nearly 100 years in the United States and most of Europe, this misunderstood libation – a favorite of artists in 19th-century France – was blamed for all sorts of madness, from hallucinations to murder. And who can resist the ritual of absinthe preparation? The sugar cube, the slotted spoon, the magic of watching the bright green Hellfire-like liquid turn into a milky, iridescent shade as the water releases the essential oils from the alcohol….

So let’s set the Drip Fountain and pull back the milky curtain on some of the most ubiquitous green-fairy tales.

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