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Get Twisted with Spinn

Songwriters (and fraternal twins) Cheryl Lynn and Stephanie Spinner of female country powerhouse Spinn share their favorite bars in NYC, Brooklyn, Austin and Washington D.C. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot them at the bar downing a shot of tequila or whiskey before a show. Raise a toast their way!





The Blind Pig




Down The Hatch




Carroll Place


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NightOwlGet Twisted with Spinn

A Nightcap with Women Who Whiskey

 Women Who WhiskeyWomen who whiskey? Damn straight they do. Just ask Julia Ritz Toffoli, featured in this week’s exclusive Nightcap Interview. Julia is the founder of Women Who Whiskey, a women’s-only whiskey club headquartered in NYC, with chapters across the U.S. and now worldwide. Here we share a dram at Tanner Smith’s while we chat about her network of women with a taste for new experiences and strong drinks.

NightOwl: What was your inspiration to start Women Who Whiskey?

Julia Ritz Toffoli: The inspiration was really other women that I met when I moved back to New York. I started drinking whiskey again, after not having regular access to it when I lived in Europe. I saw other women drinking whiskey, and saw it as a way for us to meet, and make friends in a situation where a lot of people didn’t know anyone. We also used to land on the subject of how men thought it was strange we were drinking whiskey, and how that was ridiculous. From there, we thought it would be fun to try and get to know NYC, which was new to a lot of us, through whiskey bars.  

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Women Who Whiskey

Jess Milby’s TGIF Best of DC Wine Bars

The Young Winos of DC believe that, well, life is just better with wine. And who would argue? This week’s NightOwl influencer – Jess Milby, the founder of YWDC – shares her TGIF list of favorite places to wine about town in DC.



And be sure to follow Jess for more of her favorite DC spots and wine savvy tips!

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NightOwlJess Milby’s TGIF Best of DC Wine Bars

A Nightcap with Sasha and Taras of Standard Spirit Distillery

Sasha Selimotic and Taras Hrabowsky were childhood friends and are now partners at Standard Wormwood Distillery, a craft distillery bringing grain to glass, and small batch spirits that make great gifts for the cocktail lovers in your life.

What’s really unique is they’re making absinthe. Yes, you heard right, Absinthe! Not the favored licorice flavor of francophile fame – these sassy Brooklynites are taking absinthe in a different direction. Their Absinthe still incorporates the key ingredient – wormwood – but instead of using traditional European-style herbs like anise and fennel (which give most absinthes their characteristic licorice flavor), Standard uses rye and corn mash to deliver a whiskey-like style and color, with oak aging for a little sweetness. It’s designed to be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail — no sugar and spoon required.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Sasha and Taras of Standard Spirit Distillery

A Nightcap with Jess Milby of the Young Winos of DC

For this week’s Nightcap exclusive, we’re in Washington D.C. with Jess Milby. She’s the founder of the Young Winos of D.C., a group of fellow wine lovers collectively sharing and expanding their wine knowledge through fun, social gatherings. Jess has been in the wine industry in a variety of areas ranging from distribution to production since 2007. Today you’ll find Jess hosting and promoting social and educational wine events around the DC area, as well as preparing for her latest venture – the inaugural DC Champagne Week, a sophisticated, educational and bubbly event co-produced with her close friend, Alison Marriott.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Jess Milby of the Young Winos of DC

Follow Colin Spoelman To His Favorite Whiskey Bars

If you lust after handmade moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys, follow the footsteps of one of NightOwl’s top Influencers – whiskey connoisseur Colin Spoelman of Kings County Distillery, as he shares his favorite whiskey spots.

“These bars have some of my favorite whiskey selections, curated flights, and knowledgeable bartenders in NYC. Check them out for yourself and come grab a drink with us at Kings County Distillery anytime.” – Colin

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NightOwlFollow Colin Spoelman To His Favorite Whiskey Bars

A Nightcap with Amanda Dell of Book and Food Fair

Amanda Dell Book and Food FairNightOwl recently spoke with Amanda Dell, the former front of house at notable restaurants such as Gramercy Tavern, Maialino and Ai Fiori. Amanda is a native New Yorker and a well-known insider within the New York culinary industry. Most recently, Amanda teamed up with Kimberly Chou to become the co-directors of Brooklyn’s own, Food Book Fair.

Food Book Fair celebrates food culture and the books that bring them to life by giving a platform to chefs, no matter how big or small their restaurant is. Together, Amanda and Kimberly are driven by their passion for food, the culinary explosion in food media, combined with the lost art of human interaction to match food enthusiasts and the chefs and media that bring the celebration of food to life. Dubbed the “Coachella of writing about eating,” their events are the first of its kind: part festival, part conference, and fueled by the lost art of human interaction– giving foodies of all types the opportunity to interact with and learn from a roster of amazing writers, eaters, drinkers and thinkers, operating in a real life space that is much needed in these frenzied, digital times.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Amanda Dell of Book and Food Fair

A NightCap with Faulkner

For this week’s NightCap, we caught up with Faulkner. The bi-coastal rockers (formed in Venice, CA) hit the ground running on their journey to success. Landing an unfinished demo of their song “NY Anthem” in the hands of RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan mastermind, Faulkner captured the hip-hop legend’s interest, leading to their first major collaboration. As a result, the track can be heard at New York Yankees home games. But New York isn’t the only place giving them love. Emphasizing the term “bi-coastal,” the rockers have also been featured on iconic L.A. radio station KROQ with their single “Revolutionary” as well over two million plays on YouTube.

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Terry DagrosaA NightCap with Faulkner

Get Your Drink on With Heather Greene

“Ride your bike, hike in the woods, finish your day with an amazing cocktail at any of the bars below. They’ll also pour you an excellent whiskey, neat, should you just want to go simple” – Heather Greene.

Bit House Saloon: 727 SE Grand Ave (SE Morrison St), Portland, OR

The bit house saloon

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Terry DagrosaGet Your Drink on With Heather Greene