We Have a Winner!

Winning (particularly prizes of the $$$ kind) is oh-so-sweet… Congratulations to Jessica M. on winning the Discover NightOwl Giveaway! May you spend your winnings irresponsibly wisely.

And for those not feeling the love this go-around – no worries; we’re having another giveaway soon. Details to follow ….

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NightOwlWe Have a Winner!

This Is It. The Last Day To Win $250!

Today is the last day for your shot at winning the Discover NightOwl $250 Group Blogger Giveaway! An extra $250 in your pocket makes going out that much sweeter – so if you haven’t entered yet, get on it!

And here’s a special shout-out to this amazing group of nightlife bloggers and luminaires who helped make this giveaway happen! When you need to know the hottest new spot, where to find the best martini in Manhattan, or a great bar with live music, these influencers will keep you in the loop. Click below to meet each one, and be sure to follow them on the NightOwl app:

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NightOwlThis Is It. The Last Day To Win $250!

Win Our $250 Giveaway and Blow it on a Single Malt!

How to spend an extra $250 if you don’t want to blow it on a Single Malt, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, some unsolicited inspiration anyway:

  1. See a great show: $250 is, like, half a Biebs concert
  2. Beard oil – so much beard oil….
  3. 25,000 pennies buys a LOT of calzones
  4. Pay back those who have bought you rounds over the years. #DrinkKarma
  5. Pokemania

What you do with your winnings is up to you, but there’s only one way to win: click below, and get going.

Each task you complete – and trust us, we made them easy – gets you another shot at the dough (calzone pun intended).

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NightOwlWin Our $250 Giveaway and Blow it on a Single Malt!

Feeling Lucky? Enter to Win the NightOwl $250 Giveaway

Dearest reader: We invite you to take your shot to win our $250 Discover NightOwl Group Blogger Giveaway!

In celebration of the launch of NightOwl 3.0, we’ve teamed up with an incredible roster of bloggers and nightlife luminaries that you’ll want to know and follow. Click onward to meet each one:

John of / Dara of /  Tara of ThirstyNYC / Jess of YoungWinosofDC and /  Ryan of  / Selena of / Terry of /  G-LO of ItsJustTheBoozeDancing.comBella Magazine, Jane of ATasteOfKoko / and Nick of

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NightOwlFeeling Lucky? Enter to Win the NightOwl $250 Giveaway