A Nightcap With Karie Engels

NightOwl recently had a visit with Karie Engels, an avid lover of food, wine, and beer, contributor to Connoisseur Magazine, and founder of her online culinary beverage magazine, “Your Home With Karie Engels.” Karie lives in Seattle and is all about great, healthy recipes matched with wine, beer, and spirits for the ultimate meal. When not writing, Karie can be found on her road tour, tasting foods and sipping fine wines and great brews, while showcasing amazing chefs in her “Visiting Chefs” dinner series and pairing their creations with ambrosial libations.

NightOwl: Karie, what’s your favorite meal and cocktail to go along with it?

Karie EngelsKarie: Pan-Seared halibut is always on my list, and Salish Lodge’s Honey Shrub ~ Ransom Old Tom Gin, Lemon, Basil, House-Made Honey Shrub, is always on my list.

NightOwl: What inspired you to launch your own online magazine, “Your Home with Karie Engels?”

Karie: I love to cook, entertain, and make a good cocktail. I started playing around with a business page on Facebook to share tips and tricks. Another page owner popped into my messaging one afternoon, and suggested I take it to the next level. Once I had so many tools and layers at my disposal with the online platform, it was simply a natural course for me. I look forward to expanding even more.

NightOwl: Tell us a little about what a typical day looks like for you?

Karie: A typical day begins at about 5:30 a.m. and involves a lot of caffeine. Emails and social media are a huge part of what I do, so I am always connected. A good portion of every day is spent with my laptop as my constant companion and food, wine, cocktails, and cookbooks surround me on a constant basis. When I’m not at the laptop, I’m out snapping photographs, shopping for a recipe, or cooking.

NightOwl: Who’s your favorite chef?

Karie: Chef Russell Dean Lowell. He has an outstanding business model, his staff adores him, and that says a lot about him as an individual and employer.

NightOwl: If you were lucky enough to have him make a private meal for you what would it be?

Karie: I’ve eaten at his restaurant several times and the cuisine is exquisite. It would need to be something off the menu. In his cookbook, “In Search of Duende” there’s a recipe for Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Tomato Caper Vinaigrette. It sounds astounding and I would like to taste that.

NightOwl: We hear you’re going to be doing live events this coming year. Tell us about some of your upcoming events and who you’re working with?

Karie: We will be doing live events this year, and I am over-the-top excited to work with the talent we are in negotiations with! Early September sees our big rebranding and launch of our new magazine. Our list of writers and contributors is astounding, and I look forward to releasing our list in July as we really dig in our heels and start working to hit our first print deadline. With this rebranding, we are creating two separate lines of live events. One will be live wine, food, and cocktail events. The other will focus on cuisine, creating handcrafted cocktails and more. We will be working with cookbook authors, chefs, cocktail crafters, and local farms.

NightOwl: It’s cocktail hour, what time is it and where will we find you?

Karie: Cocktail hour can find me anywhere, which is the best part of what I do. Attending a cocktail event in the city, a menu launch or wine release party. It can also find me at home in front of my laptop, sipping and reviewing samples.

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