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A Nightcap with Country Powerhouse SPINN

NightOwl shares a Nightcap with twin songwriters Cheryl Lynn and Stephanie Spinner of female country powerhouse Spinn, superb vocalists whose flawless harmonies never fail to amaze. Initially settling into a comfortable kind of folk-rock groove, over the years, these young women have continually evolved and refined who they are as artists.

NightOwl: Tell us a bit about Spinn and the kind of music you’re creating.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Country Powerhouse SPINN

NightOwl Trending List: Top Cocktail Bars

Discover your next crush at any one of NightOwl’s Top Trending Cocktail Bars. There has been a renaissance in the art of cocktail creation, and there’s never been a better time to enjoy this high artform. With innovative combinations of flavors and ingredients, bartenders across the country are serving up perfectly prepared classic cocktails, seductive drinks made with small-batch spirits, and luscious libations made with farm-fresh ingredients like rosemary, basil, cucumbers, lavender and berries. Set aside the wine and beer for one night and treat yourself to an extraordinary experience.




Discover your night with NightOwl. Click HERE for the full list of top trending cocktail bars in your city.

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NightOwlNightOwl Trending List: Top Cocktail Bars

Get Twisted with Spinn

Songwriters (and fraternal twins) Cheryl Lynn and Stephanie Spinner of female country powerhouse Spinn share their favorite bars in NYC, Brooklyn, Austin and Washington D.C. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot them at the bar downing a shot of tequila or whiskey before a show. Raise a toast their way!





The Blind Pig




Down The Hatch




Carroll Place


Download NightOwl to explore more of our influencers’ lists and trending bars in your city.  Click HERE to see their full list of places to get twisted.

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NightOwlGet Twisted with Spinn

A Nightcap with Women Who Whiskey

 Women Who WhiskeyWomen who whiskey? Damn straight they do. Just ask Julia Ritz Toffoli, featured in this week’s exclusive Nightcap Interview. Julia is the founder of Women Who Whiskey, a women’s-only whiskey club headquartered in NYC, with chapters across the U.S. and now worldwide. Here we share a dram at Tanner Smith’s while we chat about her network of women with a taste for new experiences and strong drinks.

NightOwl: What was your inspiration to start Women Who Whiskey?

Julia Ritz Toffoli: The inspiration was really other women that I met when I moved back to New York. I started drinking whiskey again, after not having regular access to it when I lived in Europe. I saw other women drinking whiskey, and saw it as a way for us to meet, and make friends in a situation where a lot of people didn’t know anyone. We also used to land on the subject of how men thought it was strange we were drinking whiskey, and how that was ridiculous. From there, we thought it would be fun to try and get to know NYC, which was new to a lot of us, through whiskey bars.  

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Women Who Whiskey


You may know where to find a glass of Pappy Van Winkle or where they grew the hops in your favorite IPA, but we’ll bet you didn’t know these 10 weird factoids about alcohol.

UNDER PRESSURE: A bottle of champagne contains 90 pounds of pressure per square inch (3 times the pressure of a car tire) and as many as 49 million bubbles.

EASY IN, EASY OUT: Ethanol, the intoxicating ingredient in alcoholic beverages, pours directly out of the stomach and small intestine into the bloodstream without being digested.

DRINK YOUR VEGGIES: Almost all fruit, and some vegetables, contain a small amount of alcohol.

BLIND DRUNK: Methanol (a distillation of wood pulp) can destroy the optic nerve. Unscrupulous bootleggers used it to cut grain alcohol during Prohibition, which is how the term originated.

BABY BOTTLES: You probably know that the legal drinking age in much of Europe is 16. But one step further: alcohol is even served in some school cafeterias. Teenage drinking laws in the United States are the strictest in Western society.

GOT MILK? Drinking enough milk can cause a person to blow a .02 on a breathalyzer test, enough to cause legal issues in some states.

IN OTHER WORDS, A BUNCH: It takes about 600 grapes to make a bottle of wine.

CAVEMEN WERE SMART: Research suggests that intentionally fermented beverages existed as early as 10,000 BC.

A BATHTUB OF BEER: The country that drinks the most beer is the Czech Republic, with per capita consumption of almost 40 gallons per year.

HOPE THEY’RE NOT UBER DRIVERS: Research suggests that 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk at any given time. That means 50 million people are drunk right now.

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A Nightcap with Matty Wood of Woodwork Brooklyn

NightOwl recently met with Matty Wood, Co-owner and head bartender at Woodwork Brooklyn, a soccer / sports bar and gastropub for fútbol fanatics.

Voted as “Best Soccer Bar” by New York Magazine, Woodwork, also known as “The Sexy Soccer Bar”, showcasing men’s and women’s soccer games, seamlessly marries the footie atmosphere with a cool, hip, barnyard aesthetic.

The bar features a menu filled with grass-fed meats and locally farmed produce and three 50-inch HDTVs constantly tuned to soccer. There’s an enormous oak bar made of floorboards salvaged from a Massachusetts dairy farm, where you can get cocktails made with fresh juices, a selection of wines from such premier soccer-playing nations as France, Italy, and Argentina, starting at $5 per glass.

For those who love soccer but are tired of the same old dingy dive bars, look no further then Woodwork for your next match. And for those early-morning European starting times, what could be better than matching your game with some waffles and Nutella?

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Matty Wood of Woodwork Brooklyn

NightOwl’s Top Trending Music Venues

Grab your friends, a few drinks, and rock out as you tour NightOwl’s top trending music venues. Whatever your style – pop, EDM, blues, alt, jazz, or hip-hop – these top-ranked venues will steer you to the best live music your city has to offer.


Discover your night with NightOwl. Click HERE for the full list of top trending music venues in your city.

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NightOwlNightOwl’s Top Trending Music Venues

A Nightcap with Blogger Cat Wolinski

For this week’s Nightcap exclusive, we’re in NYC with Cat Wolinski, Brooklyn beer blogger (BeerAffair) and freelance journalist. She professionally writes (and drinks) for publications like Brokelyn, Ale Street News, Men’s Journal, Civil Eats and others. She also brews her own beer and lovingly believes there is a “hoppy” beer out there for everyone!

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Blogger Cat Wolinski