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Get Your Drink on With Heather Greene

“Ride your bike, hike in the woods, finish your day with an amazing cocktail at any of the bars below. They’ll also pour you an excellent whiskey, neat, should you just want to go simple” – Heather Greene.

Bit House Saloon: 727 SE Grand Ave (SE Morrison St), Portland, OR

The bit house saloon

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Terry DagrosaGet Your Drink on With Heather Greene

A Nightcap with Best Selling Author Peter Fornatale

Peter FornataleHaving spent a good part of the last two decades bar hopping and drinking in Brooklyn, Peter Thomas Fornatale, author of Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling and Cocktails from the World’s Hippest Borough, pulls up a seat for this week’s NightOwl Nightcap. He’s earned an “esteemed man” nod for taking cocktail classes from legendary New York bartender (and author) Dale DeGroff, and spent a summer supporting a horse racing habit by bartending at the acclaimed Chez Sophie in Saratoga Springs. His grandfather, John T. Flynn, was a brand manager at Seagram’s, so it goes without saying – cocktails are in his blood.

With Brooklyn Spirits, Peter shares the love of his favorite bartenders, Brooklyn distillers, restaurateurs, and cocktail aficionados that are changing the way we drink by bringing back old techniques and recipes, and creating new ones that focus on small-batch distilling and fresh, local ingredients. Inspired by this movement, Peter Thomas Fornatale and co-author, Chris Wertz, present an inspiring mix of recipes, profiles, and history – encouraging readers to not only make their own cocktails, but to get involved on a do-it-yourself level. Oh and by the way, signed books can be purchased from the author directly. You will find Peter on Twitter (@loomsboldly); also available wherever books are sold, especially in Brooklyn.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Best Selling Author Peter Fornatale

NightOwl: Our Top Trending Sports Bars

Large TV screens and great sound.  white-check-2

Cool sports memorabilia. white-check-2

Sports savvy staff and bartender who knows how to use the remote. white-check-2

Great bar food. white-check-2

Want more excitement than watching a game at home? Don your favorite jersey and pull up a stool at your favorite sports bar. Feel excitement fill the room as you share the World Series, NBA Championship, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, or even fantasy football experience. It’s the perfect trifecta: sports, drinks and the unfettered passion of a raucous crowd. Game on!

Check out the top trending Sports Bars in your city:



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Terry DagrosaNightOwl: Our Top Trending Sports Bars

A Nightcap with Pips & Bounce

“Pinger/Ponger” nights, black-light pong and majorly creative cocktails: That’s what you’ll find at the home of this week’s NightOwl Nightcap interviewees: brothers Michael and Eugene Jung, proprietors of Pips & Bounce in Portland, OR.

NightOwl: What’s your background, and how did Pips & Bounce get its start?

Michael & Eugene: We grew up in Ashland, KY, which didn’t have much going on, as you can imagine. The biggest form of entertainment was in our basement, playing ping pong with our family and beating up on each other. I’d beat my brother, he’d beat up on my dad – it was a never-ending circle. It was 2012 and we met up at SPIN in NYC. Where else would two brothers who love ping pong go? Michael said to me, “Why don’t we have this in Portland?” Many hours were spent on FaceTime, and we were off. What we enjoyed as kids, we still enjoy as adults.

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NightOwlA Nightcap with Pips & Bounce

The Best Bars in Boston for $1 Oyster Nights

Sometimes a simple meal and a perfectly crafted cocktail is all it takes. Case in point – Boston blogger and nightlife influencer John Romard of The Boston Attitude shares his list of favorite places to slurp down $1 oysters. Not sure how to eat an oyster? It’s easy… pick up the shell, tip it to your lips and let the oyster and its juices slide into your mouth. Ready. Set. Go!


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Terry DagrosaThe Best Bars in Boston for $1 Oyster Nights

A Nightcap with Vanessa Bley

Vanessa BleyLead vocalist and guitarist, Vanessa Bley has many sides; she’s a NYC and LA based singer, composer, producer and musician. In 2010, after years of developing her sound and performing between both coasts, Vanessa began writing music with Grammy winning producer Stuart Matthewman of SADE, forming the group Twin Danger.

In 2012 Bley formed Space Camp Radio Records (an environmentalist rock ‘n roll radio show), and also released her debut solo album. During that same year, Bley formed the band Beast Patrol, stemming from the psychedelic, haze-pop influence of her solo album and released the EP Fierce & Grateful. Rolling Stone noted the group as a “Band to Watch” which led to performing at Lollapalooza and a mini tour of Southern CA, and a lot of fun stuff since then including SXSW and a Grammy tour. When she’s not working on her music, Vanessa is working on her organic deodorant company, “Becky Boo Underarm.”  NightOwl recently caught up with Vanessa to talk about her multiple (music) personalities and her new release.

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with Vanessa Bley

NightOwl: Our Top Trending Beer Gardens

Welcome to our weekly trending list of the places currently seeing the most activity on NightOwl in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco/Bay Area & Washington D.C.

This week’s list? Slake your thirst by visiting any of the top 10 trending Beer Gardens in your city. Now you can step into a place knowing your squad will be impressed. #BeerMe

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.03.11 PM

Click here to see all of the Trending Beer Gardens in your city.

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Terry DagrosaNightOwl: Our Top Trending Beer Gardens

A Nightcap with LA in NY

For this week’s Nightcap, NightOwl met up with Luis Antonio (“LA”) Thompson. He’s the director of beverage innovation for Great Performances, which operates the food and beverage for Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola and the Apollo Theater, to name a few. Read on to find out where this master of mixology gets his behind-the-bar inspiration and watch him craft two of Dizzy’s specialty cocktails.


NightOwl: How did you get your start as a mixologist?

LA: It started when I was a kid. I was 10 years old mixing smoothies and making juices – it was always my passion. My devotion to cocktails and crafting the perfect drink came full circle when I started running Dizzy’s. Through that work, you get an understanding of what people like. It allowed me to get a firm grasp on the culture of drinking. I went from mixing carrot and apple juice when I was 10, and really understanding the balance of flavors, which helped in my transition. Thankfully I wasn’t drinking at 10!

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Terry DagrosaA Nightcap with LA in NY